Furry Fashion


Timeline: 5 Weeks

Role: UX/UI Designer and Researcher

Tools: Sketch, InVision, Adobe Illustrator, Figma

Objective: Furry Fashion is a sustainable pet fashion website. We aim to provide the bestcustomer experience through our website. Our goal is for customers to feel greatabout purchasing our products, because not only are there pets going to lookadorable, but the clothing is helping the environment.

Iteration 1


To begin the design process, I set branding guidelines for the Furry Fashion project. I wanted an adorable looking brand that also evokes the idea of sustainability. To do so, I made the colors different shades of green and teal. I made the secondary colors, pastel green and pink to give the product a cute feeling.

Iteration 2

In version 2 of Furry Fashion, I rebranded the company and implemented a mobile app design. In this iteration, I used lighter, pastel greens and browns to enforce sustainability values. I used uppercase lettering and changed the font to Avenir to make the company seem trustworthy and bold.