Investment Portfolio App - Deliverr Design Assignment


Timeline: 5 days

Role: UX/UI Designer and Researcher

Tools: Figma

Objective: Create an investment portfolio app that allows users to see gains and losses.


Bad product design can be detrimental to users, especially when risk and finances are involved. For example, a Robinhood trader named Alexander Kearns committed suicide after seeing a negative balance in his account. This was due to the interface of the app - which led him to believe that he owed $730,000.


Create an app that is usable for first-time traders by including educational resources and helpful guides. Help guide users through the process of trading stocks.


User Research – 2.5 hour
Analysis – 1.5 hour
Ideation – 3 hours
Iteration/Design - 7 hours
Testing – 1.5 hours

User Needs

• Check gains
• Check losses
• Check overall portfolio
• Profile
• Settings
• Buy and sell stocks

Use Cases

• Finding stocks to invest in
• Selling stocks
• Tracking overall investment portfolio
• Check individual stocks

Journey Map

1. User wants to invest in stocks
2. User launches app
3. Sign Up or Log in
4. Enter privacy info and bank information
5. Browse stocks or search for specific companies
6. User clicks stock that they’re interested in purchasing
7. Click Buy to purchase stock
8. User checks how their stock is doing overtime
9. User sells stock when time is right
10. Money goes into the user’s account

Competitive Analysis


User Testing

• I tested the product using A/B testing and usability testing.
• Questions I asked users:
   - Are there any missing or confusing elements?
   - Find X. Was the information easy to find?
   - If you were getting started on stock trading, is there anything that you would or wouldn’t use?
• Takeaways:
    - The app was missing a market news section and some stock market information.
    - App was easy to use and different colors made it easier to look at.
    - As a first-time trader, having recommendations based on your friends would be good.



• As someone who is not knowledgeable of the stock market, I faced a lot of challenges when designing the app - but with extensive user research and usability testing, I was able to determine necessary elements for the app.
• My app design helps first-time stock traders and adds a social aspect to trading, so that beginners can learn from their friends, who may be more experienced traders.